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Another Great Movie by Knox!

wow, that was great. Its not as good as some of your others, but its still just as hilarious!! There aren't any noticable problems and the animations was smooth and realistic (Well, as realistic as ur movies can get!)


This is just so hilarious, so what if the graphics are a little dodgy, the plot is hilarious! nice way to take the mick outta the incredibles!
How about a sequal??

Hey, get the NG Preloader!!

There was only a few problems. There was not preloader or a 'Start' button at all. This was annoying because if people are multitasking, leaving it to load etc., then they need to be able to know they wont miss the animation. Bellow is a simple code which you can copy into the actions bar on a button symbol:

on (release) { gotoAndPlay (--); }

the -- is where you put the number of frame you need to go to. You can also download the NG preloader which is fully customisable too.

Anyway, next problem. At the beginning, i saw the white background. You probably didn't set the dimentions for your movie when you uploaded (just like my last submission). Well, it was good apart from that. Nice use of blur. Keep up the good work, and use all the tips people give to you.

wolverinch responds:

hey yes im aware that theres no preloder but i didnt see the need as the filesize was to small

however the button idea i think wud b a nice touch anyway thank you

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Exciting but became slightly repetative

It was a great game to play at first but over a few minutes the game became a bit boring and lacking. It did pick up after a while but I still couldnt completely get into.
I thought that the Graphics were great though, and that they looked pleasant (in a game-y sort of way). Well done.

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I am not Pokemon Fan (quickly covers up all the pokemon things behind ;)) but that song was ace... when i played the pokemon games, i found that the music was rather annoying after about the first battle or two... well, if nintendo did this sort of thing, it would be intresting!!! well done!! 10/5

HouseMasta responds:

lol. thanks for choosing mine over the original's! thats the kind of rsponses I love to hear! thanks again!

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